8th Annual General Meeting 2020

The eighth Annual General Meeting of The Allergen Bureau Ltd will be held:
via webconference,
on Thursday 29 October 2020

7th Annual General Meeting 2019

The seventh Annual General Meeting of The Allergen Bureau Ltd was held
at the Adina Apartment Hotel Sydney Central,
2 Lee Street, Haymarket, Sydney NSW 2000
on Thursday 24 October 2019

Board Meetings

The Allergen Bureau Board generally holds four Board meetings per year.
The next Board meeting is scheduled to be held:
via webconference
on Thursday 29 October 2020

Copies of Allergen Bureau Board Meeting minutes and annual financial statements are available to Allergen Bureau members upon written request to info@allergenbureau.net.

Management and Operational Meetings

The Allergen Bureau generally holds fortnightly Management and Operational Meetings by teleconference.

Allergen Bureau members are invited to contact us at info@allergenbureau.net or 0437 918 959 with any issues to be tabled at Allergen Bureau Board meetings or Management and Operational Meetings.

The Allergen Bureau will not enter into any discussion, activity or conduct that may infringe, on its part or on the part of its members and participants, any applicable competition laws. By way of example, members and participants shall not discuss, communicate or exchange any commercially sensitive information, including non-public information relating to prices, marketing and advertisement strategy, costs and revenues, trading terms and conditions and conditions with third parties, including purchasing strategy, terms of supply, trade programs or distribution strategy. This applies not only to discussion in formal meetings but also to informal discussions before, during or after meetings.

Constitution of the Allergen Bureau