By Allergen Bureau

Are Eateries Doing Enough? UK Consumers Report Food Allergy Concerns

A report on food allergens has just been released by High-Speed Training, a private UK company. It presents data from an online YouGov survey conducted with 2,134 UK participants in January 2024.

The report aims to highlight the level of consumer awareness, understanding and impact of food hypersensitivities while also calling for enhanced safety measures within the food industry. Case studies are showcased in the report to help guide other businesses to effectively manage food allergens.

According to the survey results, 84 per cent of consumers believe food allergies are a serious issue while 61 per cent believe food businesses are not doing enough and should enhance their efforts to accommodate food allergies. An even greater proportion (75 per cent) are concerned about complacency around how food allergies are handled.

However, 24 per cent believe the issue of food allergies has been exaggerated in recent years, and 50 per cent reportedly think people with allergies are often perceived as fussy or overstating the severity of their condition.

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