By Allergen Bureau

Can Toothpaste Prevent Severe Allergic Reactions? 

A new toothpaste containing trace amounts of peanut protein is showing promise in preventing severe allergic reactions in adults with peanut allergies.  

The toothpaste, developed by biotechnology company Intrommune Therapeutics, is designed to desensitize the immune system to peanuts over time by gradually increasing the dose of peanut protein in the toothpaste. 

In an early-stage clinical trial, 32 adults with peanut allergies safely brushed their teeth with the toothpaste once daily for about 11 months. None of the participants experienced severe reactions or anaphylaxis. The researchers say the toothpaste has the potential to be a more convenient and effective treatment for peanut allergies than current injection treatments. 

Following successful safety assessments showing that the peanut-protein toothpaste is safe for adults, the next step is to test the paste’s safety and effectiveness among children. A paediatric trial involving 80 children between the ages of 4 and 17 is planned to begin next year. 

The lead researchers hope to submit the toothpaste for FDA approval within two or three years, however this will require studying it’s safety and efficacy in a larger group of volunteers first. 

The media report about the toothpaste can be accessed here