By Allergen Bureau

Changes to VITAL Online Security: Embracing Two-Factor Authentication

Greetings to all VITAL Online users!

For those of you who haven’t logged in to VITAL Online recently or haven’t yet configured two-factor authentication (2FA), you’ll encounter a new update the next time you sign in. A prompt urging immediate setup of 2FA.

It’s been over a year since we introduced this additional layer of security, and unfortunately, we’ve noticed some users disregarding the prompts and subsequently locking themselves out of their accounts. As of April 1, users are now required to install authentication software on their devices to proceed further. Safeguarding the data on VITAL Online is paramount to the Allergen Bureau, and we deeply appreciate your cooperation in enhancing the security of our system.

We urge both training providers and trainees who register for the VITAL training course to ensure they have set up 2FA before attending sessions. This not only bolsters security but also ensures ample time to complete exercises without interruptions.

For those needing guidance on setting up 2FA for VITAL Online, detailed instructions can be found here.

Thank you for your continued dedication to maintaining the integrity and security of VITAL Online. Together, we can ensure a safe and reliable platform for all users.