By Allergen Bureau

‘Dairy Fine’ Easter bunny delivers timely warning about labelling clarity

An Aldi supermarket chocolate Easter bunny that was labelled with the ‘Dairy Fine’ brand has caused an anaphylactic reaction for a dairy-allergic Melbourne woman who misread the label and thought it was a dairy free product.

The woman maintains the product labelling was very misleading and not clear, which meant she misread ‘Dairy Fine’ as ‘Dairy Free’. However, others including representatives from Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia have reminded those with serious food allergies of how important it is to carefully check the ingredient list every time when purchasing a product and before consuming it.

According to the CEO of Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia Maria Said’s comments in the media, Aldi is making efforts to expand their range of allergy-free products. She suggests that Aldi should keep the brand of ‘Dairy Fine’ but consider changing the confusing wording.

More details can be found in the Daily Mail Australia and the Anaphylaxis & Allergy Australia Facebook page.