By Allergen Bureau

Deadline For New Allergen Labelling Looms  

Amendments to the mandatory food allergen labelling requirements were made to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (FSANZ) in February 2021. Having enjoyed a three-year transitional period, all products manufactured after 25 February 2024 must comply with new requirements.  

The new requirements include that allergen information must be declared in a specific format and location on food labels, and using simple, plain English terms in bold font. These changes will assist consumers in finding allergen information on food labels more quickly and easily, allowing them to make safe food choices.  

While all food packaged and labelled after 25 February 2024 must comply with the new requirements, food packaged and labelled before this date can continue to be sold for up to 2 years.   

Food manufacturers, producers and importers are encouraged to verify compliance by asking suppliers for ingredient information, product specification sheets and sample labels.  

Find out more information about the new allergen labelling requirements from Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and the Allergen Bureau’s 2023 Food Industry Guide to Allergen Management and Labelling for Australia and New Zealand.  Readers can also access the AFGC webinar: PIF, PEAL and Allergen Management – What you need to know, by clicking this link and navigating their way to Resources > Webinars and Recordings.