By Allergen Bureau

Fast and simple blood test for coeliac disease

Queensland’s Wesley Medical Research Institute have developed a fast diagnostic screening test for coeliac disease. The test uses a pin prick of blood, and within 10 minutes can provide a result that indicates whether people need to have further tests to confirm coeliac disease.

The test is currently being validated by researchers who are focussing on testing first-degree relatives of people who have already been clinically diagnosed with coeliac disease. The strong genetic link in coeliac disease means that immediate family members have an approximate 1 in 10 chance of also having the disease, with daughters of affected parents being the most likely.

While the research team are not currently seeking additional people to participate in the trial, they are taking registrations from those interested in future coeliac disease trials via their website.

Given there is often a delay in diagnosis of between three and thirteen years for those presenting with symptoms of coeliac disease, this fast and simple screening test holds great potential to improve the timeliness and accuracy of diagnosis.

To read more about this study, visit the Wesley Research Institute website.