By Allergen Bureau

Free eBook to Help Manufacturers Tackle Food Allergens 

Food manufacturers around the world can access a new eBook on managing food allergens thanks to Campden BRI, a leading UK food science and technology organisation. The resource provides an overview of the risks associated with food allergens and how to implement effective allergen management systems. 

Media reports in conjunction with the eBook launch cite a study released in February 2023 by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS). That study revealed more than half of food recalls in the UK over a five-year period were due to allergens. Of the 1,036 recalls in the UK from 2016 to 2021, 597 were related to allergens. Statistics show more than 7,700 hospital admissions with a primary diagnosis of allergic food reactions in the UK in 2019-20, and 10 food allergy-related deaths occur annually. 

Furthermore, a recent poll by Campden BRI revealed that 70 percent of food and drink industry professionals considered cross-contact in the production process to be the biggest challenge when dealing with food allergens.   

From defining food allergens and discussing the prevalence of food allergies, to exploring different ways that allergens can be introduced into food, the book sets out guidance on how to develop and implement a food allergen management plan, including risk assessment, allergen control measures, and allergen testing. 

The Managing Food Allergens eBook is available for free download from the Campden BRI website.