By Allergen Bureau

Gluten-free Wheat Flour Is On The Horizon 

‘Bread Free’ is a start-up company formed by young entrepreneurs in Spain who claim to have developed a process to separate the gluten component from cereals. This enables the production of wheat and other cereal flours that can be safely consumed by people with coeliac disease.   

The people behind Bread Free are reportedly focused on establishing a new factory with the capacity to produce up to 24 tonnes of gluten-free wheat flour per day. Following an investment round that sought to raise 1.3 million euros, their aim is for the new factory to be operational by September 2024. Production is said to focus on the development of pilot products such as pastries, bakery goods, biscuits, fish preparations, meat, baby food and dietetics.  

In media reports about the start-up, the company’s executive team reported having used biotechnology and artificial intelligence to develop and then test their innovative process during 2020, with the resulting cereal products meeting the criteria established by the Spanish Coeliac Disease Association for safe consumption by people with coeliac disease.  

They hope their products will provide those following gluten-free diets with access to safe, affordable foods without needing to compromise on the traditional qualities of wheat-based products, including nutritional profile, texture and flavour.  

For more information, see the Bread Free website and additional reporting here.