By Allergen Bureau

Hitting the Sweet Spot: Gluten Free Products Developed for Sustainability and Nutrition

The development of products like gluten-free cookies continues to pose technological challenges, particularly concerning texture and appearance. Researchers in Peru aimed to formulate gluten-free cookies by experimenting with different proportions of flour made from the pseudocereal cañihua.

Cañihua flour is derived from a resilient Andean grain, is rich in protein, fibre and essential amino acids, making it a nutritious and gluten free alternative to cereal flours.

The study assessed various physicochemical properties, composition, colour, texture, and sensory attributes through consumer tests. Combined with sweet whey (a byproduct of cheese production), potato starch and other ingredients, the researchers found cañihua flour created a gluten-free cookie option with an enhanced nutrition profile.

The study results have been published in an open access paper and include the specific recipe and nutritional profile for the most successful formulation. The authors maintain this blend supports the development of sustainable food products by utilising ingredients that can be produced with minimal environmental impact.

Reference: Luque-Vilca et al. Utilization of Sustainable Ingredients (Cañihua Flour, Whey, and Potato Starch) in Gluten-Free Cookie Development: Analysis of Technological and Sensorial Attributes. Foods. 2024 May 11;13(10). DOI: 10.3390/foods13101491.