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Nestlé explores alternative to milk-based infant formula

Infant formulas are typically formulated with cow’s milk protein. However, given the number of infants allergic to cow’s milk proteins, Nestlé is developing an alternative formula based on 5 potato protein microparticles, carbohydrate and fat. The company has just filed for a patent in relation to this invention.

While the allergenicity of cow’s milk proteins may be reduced through processing methods, these can have an unfavourable impact on consumer perception, nutritional composition, taste and the cost of the product.

The Nestlé patent describes an infant formula based on potato protein, which is naturally free from the major allergens found in milk and soy. Potato protein also has a well-balanced amino acid profile, which is reported to be closer to that of human milk than other non-dairy alternatives such as rice or soy.

With less need to modify the nutritional profile of potato, less addition of free amino acids is required, so it could be expected the resulting product will be more cost-effective with a more palatable taste.

Source: Patent Application WO2018115340; Infant formula for cow’s milk protein allergic infants.

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