By Allergen Bureau

New Zealand Government’s New Allergen Labelling Guide

The rules in Australia and New Zealand for declaring allergens in food changed in February 2024. To support food businesses in managing the requirements, the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) has released a guidance document.

The new ‘Plain English Allergen Labelling’ rules aim to make food allergen declarations clearer and more consistent for consumers. Food businesses had until 24 February 2024 to make the necessary changes to their labels and update staff so that they can give consumers the most up-to-date information about allergens. Food packaged and labelled before February 25, 2024, under the previous rules, may be sold for an additional 2 years.

The MPI’s document “A guide to allergen labelling – Knowing what’s in your food and how to label it” covers the rules for declaring food allergens in food and drinks being manufactured, imported and/or sold in New Zealand. While the guide does not offer legal advice, it aims to help food businesses understand the rules and their implications.

The guide is freely available for download from the MPI website.