By Allergen Bureau

Products designed to help introduce allergens in infancy

A Boston-based food start-up is manufacturing baby foods specifically designed to introduce eight common food allergens to infant diets.

With evidence to suggest early exposure to allergens may help to prevent the development of food allergy, Adeo Health Science recently launched their ‘Inspired Start’ baby food range that incorporates allergenic ingredients such as tree nuts, peanut, sesame, shrimp, wheat, and cod.

Health agencies around the world now recommend introducing potential allergens to a child’s diet when they are four to six months old. Perceiving possible difficulties for parents in meeting these recommendations, Adeo Health Science developed fruit purees and a small amount (approximately 1 gram) of one allergen, presented in pouch-style packaging. The products are designed to be used in a specific order over a period of time, to gradually introduce each new food.

According to the company, the ‘Inspired Start’ products are made with organic fruits and non-GMO ingredients. Cow’s milk is not included, as they say recommendations from pediatricians indicate it is best to wait until one year of age to introduce cow’s milk to a child’s diet.

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