By Allergen Bureau

Recent Allergen Bureau presentations on our essential industry allergen guidance

The Allergen Bureau provides industry guidance resources to assist with food allergen management, labelling, identifying potential allergens in your product, and determining whether and how they should be declared. These best practice guidance resources are designed to help the food industry approach allergen management and labelling in a consistent manner.

In early 2021, we have already delivered presentations at several industry webinars on our essential industry guidance resources addressing current issues such as Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL). These presentations are freely accessible on our website – see 2021 Presentations. Talk topics include:

The presentation PEALing the PAL, from Allergen Bureau VITAL Coordinator Georgina Christensen, provides our current best practice guidance on VITAL precautionary allergen labelling (PAL). Industry are asked to refer to the PAL examples in this presentation until we are ready to release a PEAL updated version of the VITAL Best Practice Labelling Guide for Australia and New Zealand (which has now been temporarily withdrawn) – refer to Allergen Bureau Resources.