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Recent Allergen Bureau presentations

Food Safety & Compliance Conference, New Zealand

The Food Safety & Compliance Conference 2019, Auckland, 20th – 21st March 2019, brought together leading experts delivering insights on regulations, compliance, allergen, testing and more. The conference theme was ‘Meeting regulation, compliance and perception to deliver world-class safe, and high quality food’.

Debbie Hawkes, Allergen Bureau and Hawkins Watts, gave a presentation on Allergen Risks –A thorough investigation of allergen status of food throughout the manufacturing process. Debbie’s presentation covered current Allergen Bureau activities, including an introduction to the Allergen Bureau Risk Review website, which was well received by the audience.
The recent chocolate recalls for multiple companies within New Zealand were highlighted
by several other speakers, and therefore this presentation provided some practical recommendations on how to approach thorough allergen risk assessment.

To access Debbie’s presentation Click Here

FTAA Hot Topic Presentation, Melbourne

Lisa Warren, VITAL Support, recently presented on the Allergen Bureau’s all new Allergen Risk Review Website at the Food Technology Association of Australia (FTAA) Hot Topic Presentations, Monday 1st April 2019, Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Black Rock, Melbourne. The forum was a great success with the organisers receiving positive feedback from attendees on the range and quality of presentations.

This Allergen Risk Review Website is a freely available interactive tool that is designed to assist the food industry with the process of thoroughly investigating the allergen status of food products and ingredients.

To access Lisa’s presentation Click Here.

FTAA are planning to run a similar Hot Topic morning forum in Brisbane, to be held at the University of Queensland on Friday 31st May 2019. Jasmine Lacis-Lee, Allergen Bureau & DTS Food Assurance, will be presenting on the Allergen Risk Review Website at this event. For more details on this FTAA event, please contact Peter Bush, FTAA at