By Allergen Bureau

SENSIStrip kits: New rapid food allergen tests by Eurofins

Eurofins Technologies has issued a press release announcing the launch of their SENSIStrip lateral flow product range for rapid detection of food allergens.

According to the media report, SENSIStrip Allergen kits are based on the concept of an immunoassay which, without the need for highly qualified staff, can provide fast results with low detection limits. The kits are designed to support allergen control at different stages of the food manufacturing process by allowing for quick screening of raw materials, production processes and the final product, across food matrices, rinse water and equipment.

SENSIStrip Allergen kits are available for almond, casein, crustacean (tropomyosin), egg, fish, gluten, peanut, shellfish, soy, and mustard.

Each kit can be used to perform 20 individual tests on food matrices or environmental samples and contains an evaluation card to enable a semi-quantitative result, based on the colour intensity of the test line on the strip.

Eurofins Technologies is a global provider of diagnostic technologies and ELISA-based instruments in the field of bioanalytical testing for the food, feed, environmental, animal health, and clinical diagnostics industries. The company also provides SENSISpec ELISA assays for allergen detection.

For more information about the new SENSIStrip test kits, visit the Eurofins Technologies Website.