By Allergen Bureau

U.S. Food Labelling Regulations May Be Overhauled

Lawmakers in the United States have proposed a new Food Labelling Modernization Act of 2023, saying “Consumers deserve straightforward, easily accessible information about the ingredients and nutritional value of products they want to buy. With front of package labels, clearly marked allergens, and clarified guidelines to deter misleading claims, our measures will bring transparency and simplicity to Americans’ shopping experience.”

Food labelling regulations in the U.S. have not been comprehensively updated for several decades. The proposed Food Labelling Modernization Act would establish a standardized front-of-package nutrition labelling system for all food products requiring nutrition labelling. It would also introduce guidelines for the use of the term “healthy” and address deceptive marketing practices that confuse consumers.

The legislation has gained support from consumer groups such as Beyond Celiac, and the Celiac Disease Foundation because if passed, it would introduce the requirement for manufacturers to disclose all gluten-containing grains in a product. 

By improving food labelling requirements, the aim of the bill is to promote transparency, enable consumers to understand what they are purchasing and consuming, and facilitate healthier decision-making. The bill builds upon recent updates made by the Food and Drug Administration to the Nutrition Facts label and seeks to provide accessible information to empower consumers in making informed purchasing decisions.

See a U.S. government media release here for more details.