By Allergen Bureau

UK Food Standards Authority updates allergen labelling guidance

Changes to the allergen labelling requirements in the UK will come into effect from 1 October 2021. To help businesses and enforcement authorities understand the new requirements, the Food Standards Authority has updated its technical guidance document.

The new labelling regulations were instigated by the death of teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse resulting from an allergic reaction to sesame in a baguette she had purchased from a sandwich shop. The changes followed an earlier UK-wide consultation process, and the technical guidance updates were also drafted in consultation with key stakeholders.

The new requirements mean that all food prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) must bear a label with an ingredients list and if the food contains any of the 14 legislated allergens, these must be clearly listed on the label.

The guidance documentation will be used over the coming months as FSA continues to engage with industry and enforcement authorities to raise awareness of the measures needed to implement the new requirements before they come into effect later next year.

The guidance document can be accessed on the FSA website.