By Allergen Bureau

Updated VITAL® Training Provider quick reference guide

Did you know that our VITAL® Training is not limited to just ANZ? There are Allergen Bureau-endorsed VITAL Training Providers in the EU, North America and Africa. For more details on countries and languages of VITAL Training delivery – both face to face and virtual delivery – download our updated VITAL Training Providers quick reference list.

Topics covered in a VITAL Training course include:

  • Food Allergy
  • Allergen Labelling
  • Allergen Risk Review & Allergen Management
  • Allergen Analysis
  • The VITAL Program and VITAL Theory
  • Allergen Cross Contact from Ingredients
  • Allergen Cross Contact due to Processing
  • Applying VITAL Online

We recommend you contact individual Training Providers to discuss your particular needs for VITAL Training. For a full list of VITAL Training Providers see the VITAL Training page on the Allergen Bureau website.

The Allergen Bureau’s VITAL (Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling) Program is a standardised allergen risk assessment process for food industry. The VITAL Program was developed to assist food manufacturers to consistently assess and declare cross contact allergen information for allergic consumers.