By Allergen Bureau

Would You Like To Participate In A New QSR Working Group? 

The leading value proposition of the Allergen Bureau is to tackle industry challenges that are bigger than any one company alone and to be known as an organisation that can help solve problems in a manner that benefits the entire industry.

We are delighted to announce that we are calling for participants to join a QSR Working Group. The working group’s objective is to create a Best Practice Guideline for the communication of allergen information in a QSR environment (for both intentionally present allergens and unintentional allergen presence (UAP)). 

The group will tackle the creation of a best practice guide that promotes transparency and consistency in how information is conveyed to consumers, given the unique nature of the QSR environment. It will work with consumer insight to ensure that the solution created addresses the key challenges faced by those with food allergy. 

Working groups are volunteer-based and will take up a little of your time. For individuals committed and passionate about shaping a better outcome for customers and their businesses, they represent a wonderful opportunity. 

If this initiative sounds like something you or your business would like to be a part of, please contact with an expression of interest. Overseas organisations and non-members are welcome; however, please note that numbers may be limited.