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3rd Food Allergen Management Symposium 2019 (FAMS2019), Melbourne – learning to navigate science and manage risk

By Hesrie van Heerden, Food & Allergy Consulting & Testing Services, South Africa

The 3rd Food Allergen Management Symposium (FAMS2019), Melbourne, 13-16 May 2019, was a remarkable event. From the first night delegates were warmly welcomed with the famous Australian hospitality. The conference was very well organised and offered an incredible, knowledge-packed program. Each presenter at the symposium delivered an enlightening and captivating presentation, and it was a privilege to be a part of the information-sharing experienced with industry influencers.

It was particularly interesting to learn from previous studies performed, as well as what the future holds in terms of current research. We also had the opportunity to meet the key leaders in the industry, as well as building new relationships with the exhibitors, as our schedule allowed for these valuable networking experiences.

Not only did my understanding of the allergen field deepen; the symposium also enhanced my comprehension of allergens and allergen management. The panel discussions provided great interactive sessions, making use of technology to encourage questions and start conversations. The speakers were very approachable, and it was a pleasure to be able to connect with them.

State Library Victoria, the beautiful and historic venue in which the symposium was held, was excellent and convenient, and a scrumptious dinner was held on the evening of the second day, at a lovely restaurant.

Overall FAMS2019 was attended by 201 conference delegates from 124 organisations and 15 countries, representing all sectors involved in food allergen management.

Attending FAMS2019 was truly an astounding experience, and I’m so excited to start applying everything that I learned there.

Most of the FAMS2019 presentations have been kindly made available by speakers and can be accessed via the Allergen Bureau website Click Here to view FAMS2019 presentations.

This eNews item on FAMS2019 was kindly provided by Hesrie van Heerden, Food & Allergy Consulting & Testing Services (FACTS), South Africa, recipient of the Allergen Bureau FAMS2019 travel grant for postgraduate or early career researchers.

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