By Allergen Bureau

Allergen Bureau Welcomes SPC

The Allergen Bureau is proud to welcome our newest Full Member – SPC

SPC is a proud manufacturer of fruit and vegetables, based in the Goulburn Valley Region of Victoria, Australia.SPC is committed to the important role it plays in the Australian economy and manufacturing industry.

We are proud that 90% of our ingredients are grown right here in Australia. As we are unable to source the commercial quantity of some ingredients locally, we also import: Pineapples and mangoes from our tropical manufacturing source in Thailand; Berries from China, Europe, New Zealand and Chile (due to short supply in Australia) and Beans from Canada (we always look for Australian crops but currently need to buy our navy beans from Canada in order to meet demand). We have established various programs and continue to work with local growers to source local partners that can provide this produce in the future.

SPC want to see a vibrant and successful food manufacturing industry in Australia, working work closely with growers to ensure products contain the highest-quality Australian fruit, and working hard to communicate the importance of paying a little extra for quality Australian products.