By Allergen Bureau

Almond Board of California becomes Allergen Bureau Full Member

The Allergen Bureau is delighted to welcome the Almond Board of California as a new Full Member organisation. Almond Board of California has upgraded their previous Associate Member level membership in recognition of both the greater benefits available and the improved support to the broader food industry through their Full Membership.

Established in 1950, Almond Board of California (ABC) is an industry association that administers a grower-enacted Federal Marketing Order under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture. ABC represents approximately 6,800 almond growers and 100 almond processors. The Board’s mission is to make California Almonds essential to customers and consumers worldwide through innovative research, market development, food quality and safety programs and industry support. Spanning 800 km throughout the central valley, California is the world’s largest almond producer and exporter, accounting for virtually 100% of the U.S. commercial production and 80% of the global supply.  

Since 1973 ABC has supported the almond industry by investing over $80 million in independent scientific research to build a foundation of knowledge across almonds’ impact on human health, ensuring food quality and safety, and increasing farming efficiencies while minimizing environmental impacts.

Allergen Bureau Members include icons of the food industry. We are pleased to welcome ABC as another iconic Allergen Bureau member.

Being a Member of the Allergen Bureau can save you time and money in addressing food allergen issues in a professional way and can help you demonstrate your commitment and proactive approach to food allergen management to your staff, suppliers, customers and regulatory authorities.

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