By Allergen Bureau

The Allergen Bureau Welcomes IXOM as Full Member Company

The Allergen Bureau is thrilled to welcome IXOM as our newest Full Member company.  The IXOM business is a market leader in water treatment and chemical distribution in Australia and New Zealand, with an increasing presence throughout Southeast Asia and North America. Ixom manufactures and imports many of the products our local industries need. These industries include agriculture, viticulture, construction, electricity, steel, food and beverage, and pulp and paper. With the ever-changing customer needs and expectations, Ixom are constantly shifting their practices to ensure safety across our supply chains.

Ixom Life Sciences is a market-leading supplier to the food and beveraged and health & personal care industries. Ixom’s Bronson & Jacobs and Keith Harris Flavours businesses (brands) have collaborated with manufacturers across the local Australian food industry to solve product developmental challenges. For over 70 years Ixom have provided ingredients and taste for many successful food and beverage products including many iconic Australian brands. In doing so, allergen management and controls are a fundamental for Ixom Life Sciences and their many customers.

We have an innovative performance-driven range that spans food and beverage applications, supported by a qualified team of technical and creative experts with extensive industry and technical expertise, bringing the latest innovations from around the globe to deliver value for our customers and their unique product development requirements.